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FNBOlney Online Banking SSL

What is SSL?

SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer.  SSL is the backbone of the secure internet and is needed to safeguard sensitive information that's transmitted.  It keeps away cyber criminals who prowl after such information with the intention of doing harm.

*SSL technology protect our website (e.g. Online Banking) and ensures that your personal information is safe and secure (encrypted in the browser over SSL).

What is an SSL Certificate?

*Basically an SSL certificate on a website will encrypt personal and sensitive data in order to protect the privacy of our customers.

*The use of an SSL certificate on a website  is usually indicated by a padlock icon in web browsers.  You can also look at the URL in the address bar and if it starts with https://, then you know you are on a secure page.

*When you visit our website and enter your Online Banking credentials you will notice that the information in your browser's address bar changes.  The text will change from to

The Online Banking page goes a step further to give you the confidence to complete your transactions online with Extended Validation (EV).  EV certificates will (in modern secure browsers) cause the address bar to highlight with the color green (see image below for an example) to indicate that the site is one actually owned and operated by First National Bank in Olney.  It is an additional visual clue to help you avoid phishing attacks and be confident that the information you enter on our site is only seen by you and First National Bank in Olney.