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Your Security Is Important

We offer our customers a very secure online banking experience. Our system uses multiple layers of protection and multiple authentication factors to keep your data safe

Our system not only validates the username and password, we also verify your identity by using a unique system that communicates with your computer or phone. Our system gives our clients the most secure online banking experience available today using a validation process that takes only a matter of seconds. But seconds count – when it comes to your security!

When using our system, you can rest assured.

Unique User ID & Password - we give you a unique user name and a starter password. You will change that password on your first login and only you will know the new password you select from the privacy of your home or office. We also give you the ability to change your password at any time. We will not force your password to expire, but we do have some password recommendations that can help you keep your online banking safe:

  1. Change your password regularly. It is a good idea to change your password from time to time for your protection.
  2. Keep it UNIQUE. You should use a banking password that is not used for any other online services such as "Facebook" or for your email. These services can be hacked and can help attackers breach your online security.
  3. Pick a password that is easy for you to remember but difficult for others to guess. Don’t use common words, your initials, birthdates, child’s name, etc.

Validation of Your Identity - we will validate your user identity by sending a secure access code to your phone or email and ask you to enter that code before proceeding. Secure access codes are sent using our voice system, email, or text message and are only good for 15 minutes. The code is used to register that browser or device for your personal use with online banking. You can also choose to login using a single use only code (such as when you are using a public computer, Internet café, etc.) to make sure that a strange machine can only be used once, while you are using it. Peace of Mind - our system gives you the added peace of mind to know that should someone try to login using your username and password, they will be locked out after three failed attempts. They would not be able to get a secure access code unless they actually had possession of your phone or email – they would be stopped in their tracks. This is also why you don’t want your email password to be the same as your banking password. Online email is often compromised, so for your piece of mind, please keep your banking password unique. Secure Login From Anywhere - you can securely login from anywhere in the world by using our one time use access. The code you enter is only valid for one use and any information stored on that computer is useless to any potential hacker once you exit. Security & Flexibility - our online system is secure, yet flexible in today’s hectic world. On that rare occasion you forget your password, you can still login by using our "Forgot my Password" process and we will immediately send a secure access code to your phone or email and ask you to enter that code. This allows us to verify your identity, yet gives you the immediate access to your information – even in the middle of the night! Once logged in, you can setup a new password. Powerful Anti-fraud controls – First National Bank in Olney will monitor online transactions to help protect you from fraud. Our system will attempt to learn from your online banking behavior so that if any dangerous or suspicious activity occurs it can be held and selected for review. Transactions selected for review will be placed "Under Review". You will be notified by a pop up message, and the transaction will be listed in the online transactions as "On Hold" until a live customer service agent can review it. No further action on your part is required. Our staff will review the transaction, and if we see a problem we may contact you to confirm the accuracy of the transaction. Security Alerts - Our system will alert you if certain online activity takes place. For example if you add a new user to your account. If you did that transaction you can disregard the alert, but if you did not that is something you’ll want to know about and make us aware of! If something like that happens please give us a call. You can also configure your own alerts in our system. We encourage you to go to "Alerts" under "Preferences" and explore what kinds of alerts are useful to you. For example a customer could help prevent overdrafts by creating an account balance alert. This customer could tell our system that a balance below $100 will cause our automated system to call, text, or email to let them know. Alerts are a valuable and handy feature of our online banking system. You can even send yourself a birthday or anniversary reminder.

Please keep in mind that we will never ask for or email you requesting your online banking password. We may on occasion call to verify other information regarding your online activity should we see something of concern in your login patterns. If you plan to travel and use your Online Banking or debit card, it is very helpful to call us in advance to avoid your account being temporarily disabled for security purposes.