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Online Banking Users Guide
FNB Online Banking

Welcome to First National Bank in Olney’s Online Banking! Please feel free to contact your local branch on any questions you may have. Also, the Help button is available throughout online banking with very useful information to assist with questions.

How to Login

      • Go to
      • Click “New User” next to Sign In
        • Screenshot of login box.
      • Select "I am a new user"
        • Screenshot of OLB login form.
      • Enter Username
        • Screenshot of OLB login username input.
      • Click Submit
      • Select how you would like to receive your secure access code. This is not your Password. You will only use this secure access code one time. The secure access code is only good for 15 minutes.
        • Screenshot of secure login options.
      • You will then receive your secure access code via email, phone call or text message. Once you receive the code, enter it.
        • Screenshot of secure access code input.
      • Click Submit
      • Enter New Password
      • Confirm New Password
        • Screenshot of new password form.
      • Click Submit
      • Verify all of your information is correct and Click Submit Profile
        • Screenshot of personal info update form 1 of 2.
        • Screenshot of personal info update form 2 of 2.
      • Read and Accept Disclaimer
        • Screenshot of OLB access agreement.
        • Screenshot of Access Agreement and Disclosure Statement.
      • Register your device
        • Screenshot of device registration.
      • If you are using your home or office computer that you login regularly to, select “Register Device.”
      • If you are using a public computer such as hotel, library, etc., select "Do Not Register Device.”
      • Click "Get Started."
        • Screenshot of confirmation screen.
      • You are now able to view your accounts.

Online Bank Statements

How to Enroll

      • Login to Online Banking
      • Go to Settings
      • Go to Statement Delivery
        • Screenshot of OLB menu.
      • Next to each account select "E-Statement" and click Save
        • **Swipe It Account customers must receive all account statements online to avoid a monthly service charge.**
        • Screenshot of OLB statement delivery.
      • Click the button “I accept" to accept the terms of the agreement.
        • Screenshot of E-Delivery agreement.
      • You will receive a message that the Statement Delivery has been updated. Then click Close.
        • Screenshot of statement delivery confirmation.
      • Click on Transactions
      • Click on Statements
      • Click Get Code
      • A separate window will open with the code, enter the code in step 2 and click Verify.
        • Screenshot of PDF Verification form.
        • Screenshot of PDF Verification form.
      • You will receive a message that the PDF Verification was a success, then click Close.
        • Screenshot of PDF Verification confirmation.
      • To View Your Monthly Statements: You will go to Transactions, then Statements.
      • Select Account and Statement Date
      • Click "Get Statement"
        • Remember: If you are enrolling for online statements for the first time, you will have to wait until your statement cycle to view your first statement.
      • Your statement will open in a separate window for you to view and print.
        • Screenshot of statement selection form.

iPay Bill Payment

How to Enroll

      • Login to Online Banking
      • Go to Transactions
      • Go to Bill Payment
      • Select Main Account to pay bills from.
      • Click "Enroll in Bill Pay"
        • Screenshot of Bill Pay enrollment form.
      • You will receive a message that the enrollment was successful then click "Continue to Bill Pay."
        • Screenshot of Bill Pay enrollment confirmation.
      • You are now enrolled and ready to set up your payees.
      • Click on Advanced, then Add a Payee
        • Screenshot of Bill Pay overview screen.
      • Enter Payee information and click Save.
      • Repeat steps for additional Payees